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The call to action could be; "Get your refresher course for PSW, RPN & RN."

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Sante’ is dedicated to providing health care practitioners with transformative and superior learning experiences in a creative, empowering, collaborative and supportive learning environment.


Fostering integrity, honesty, responsibility and ethical practice. Demonstrating appreciation and acceptance for diversity that enriches and contextualizes our partnership with healthcare professionals, colleagues,


To provide continuous online and onsite remediation, refresher training and educational workshops to health care professionals with focus on improving generalized nursing skills.

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Founder Message

I often ask myself how measurable the quality of education is.

What defines quality and, for quality to be deemed good, all depends on who upholds it.

 Quality is something that is substantive, valuable and cherished. Quality education means providing an avenue for our learners to experience knowledge that is valuable and assessable. Quality education prepares the learner to dissect, examine and explore new sources of information and gain new knowledge. Through this habit of exploration and knowing they will better understand themselves and others while refining their values and belief.

At Sante’ Educational Services we offer quality education. When I think of quality, something measurable comes to mind, a product that is assessed by a set standard, guideline or ranking. Quality defines how good a product is.
Taiesha Stewart

What people say

The students’ names have been changed to protect their right to privacy.

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I feel like I gained confidence during this experience and that I was able to accomplish the goals I made for myself. Taiesha’s teaching method is great and she was able to adapt to the different students learning styles.
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Taiesha’s teaching style is that she didn’t hold anything back. Her words were encouraging, but also challenging. She pushed us to do the best that we could do. She did her best to get to know each of us in the group, and observed us and told us where we could improve, which I found very helpful. It allowed me to focus on what I could do better. She reinforced that the patient is always the most important part of our practicum, and valued the therapeutic relationships that we were able to develop with our patients.
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The semester started off a bit strange, everything was foreign and seemed so unnatural. Taiesha really pushed me to step past my boundaries and push myself to do the things that sacred me. After time it felt more natural and felt more comfortable as a result. Taiesha’s teaching style really helped me to confront my fears and better student and future nurse. I applause everything that she did for us throughout the semester and she really easy to talk to at the end of the day. I’m glad that I had her as an instructor otherwise I maybe wouldn’t have been ready to push myself to do things.

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